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My Canadian Pharmacy: Objective Review From Our Experts

Face Of Canadian Pharmacy

In these latter days, you have to go to pharmacies or visit online medical stores more frequently: a sick child, retired parents and of course multiple sores. Therefore, we have to buy medicines, but we should not forget the old formula: ‘the best treatment is prevention’, so we consume some vitamins and dietary supplements. They say that balanced nutrition is better and more useful, but in our conditions it is not always possible, but really expensive.

We would like to give a comprehensive overview of My Canadian Pharmacy. In fact, various online pharmacies are slightly different: sometimes they do not even compete, but complement each other. MCP is relatively young, but has already been included in the top 15 global online stores. Its website offers more than 13000 drugs, which is more than in a regular pharmacy, but in fact, there are some questions to the assortment. In particular, a large number of brand names is achieved by a large supply of the same drug (active substance), but from different manufacturers.

my canadian pharmacy

The prices for the products vary in accordance with a particular brand and manufacturer, but a great advantage of My Canadian Pharmacy is that it offers a broad range of analogues to the costly versions of drugs. By the way, you can easily remove another 3% from the prices on the site – coupons for such a discount are easy to find on the network, they are constantly available. And up to 3% in addition can be obtained through a loyalty program. On the site there is a section of shares and discounts which is sometimes quite generous, so it is worth visiting this section from time to time.

As for the interface of the site, it seems user-friendly for both new-comers and regulars. The goods can be found by commodity groups, alphabetical lists or via search box, both by means of trade name and active substance. The results can be sorted by price or popularity. The product card is quite detailed, including the composition and instructions for use. The above overview is quite brief. But in case you really want to go deep into the subject, let us make an in-depth analysis of this online pharmacy.

  • My Canadian Pharmacy website: https://www.mycanadianpharmacypro.com
  • My Canadian Pharmacy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mycanadapharmacy
  • Know more about Team: https://www.mycanadianpharmacypro.com/about-us
  • Phone Support: +1-412-312-4012

My Canadian Pharmacy Points of Interest

  • Accessibility – My Canadian Pharmacy is a leader in this domain. We consider it as most widely-available online store in Canada which is open for all countries. With many thousands of pharmacies across the country, including even populated areas with tens of thousands of people, this is a clear front-runner.
  • Quality and Sustainability – My Canadian Pharmacy develops policies and objectives in the field of quality, quality manual, documented procedures; prepares instructions (on safety precautions, official, workers), external normative documentation, provisions on subdivisions, technical documentation by types of activities, organizational and administrative documentation, quality records.
  • Prices – if you compare this top-rating Canadian online store with offline competitors, My Canadian Pharmacy is more profitable than most of regular traditional stores. It will certainly win the competition especially in the category of dietary supplements and ED drugs.
  • Delivery – it goes without saying that delivery quality and speed across Canada and the U.S. show excellent results. 1-2 days is a very fast shipment! The cost of delivery is free starting from a particular amount.
  • Assortment – My Canadian Pharmacy offers three times as more goods as offline competitors. But this comparison is not very correct, because commodity groups are still different. In our humble opinion, MCP is better to add some goods in a product range to variegate the assortment.
  • Promotions – no doubt, bonuses, promotion actions and coupons are a priority. My Canadian Pharmacy offers lots of discounts on popular products, and it is not easy to earn points in the reward program, the maximum discount is 25%. My Canadian Pharmacy offers discounts and sales on popular products providing 5% of the purchase amount bonuses. There is also third-party cash back, but now it’s not always profitable.
  • Interface – in fact, website offers sufficient functionality, it has many options and opportunities for sorting and selecting the right products. Mobile versions and applications are available.
  • Reviews – the testimonials about MCP are generally positive. The website has a high rating (about 4.8 out of 5) with a large number of reviews. The products are also well rated and quite popular with the online pharmacy customers.
  • Consultants are at your service 24/7. My Canadian Pharmacy employs only professionals with a long-term medical practice.
  • Privacy Policy – this pharmacy makes every possible effort to save the safety of the personal data of a customer. Personal information about the buyer can be disclosed only in cases described by the current law.

My Canadian Pharmacy Accessibility

It is quite true that all constituent parts of its network chain make a single unit and work together, providing thousands of people with medicines, vitamins, beauty products and goods for babies every day. The cohesive team works like a clock supporting the necessary assortment in different parts of Canada. My Canadian Pharmacy delivers to every home! You do not have to worry with whom to leave a baby to run to the pharmacy, you will not need to ask relatives and neighbors or hire a baby-sitter, you just need to call, get a specialist’s consultation, and place an order. MCP strives to meet the highest standards of quality of service and accessibility making your life more comfortable, cozy and healthy.

My Canadian Pharmacy’s customers can check the assortment on the website at any convenient time, find and select the required medications at a reasonable price. Orders are processed twenty-four seven. Prescription drugs can be sold only on a prescription issued by the attending physician. If the customer is not at home or delivery location to pick up the goods within 48 hours, his order is canceled. In case of any problems with obtaining medication, you should contact the manager.

Goods Quality Control and Sustainability

My Canadian Pharmacy considers quality to be one of the main criteria for evaluating products. The quality of medicines is a particularly important indicator, so any medicine must have a high quality, because it directly affects the health and life of a person. The leading role in the system of pharmaceutical control is aimed at ensuring the quality of medicines in circulation. Canadian control covers all stages of the life cycle of a drug, from development, introduction to the market and ending with destruction. Today, Canada authorities make serious demands on developers and manufacturers of medicines on the issues of quality, efficiency and safety.

my canadian pharmacy advantages

However, it is important not only to develop and produce a high-quality and effective drug, but also to keep it at all stages of the movement from producer to consumer minimizing any risk to its quality. And this task lies with the wholesale and retail sectors. In order to maintain the quality of the products sold at wholesale trade enterprises and in the retail online pharmacy network, quality assurance systems are developed and implemented.

My Canadian Pharmacy has a special responsibility for the goods sold, because it is the final point on the way the drug moves to the consumer, and in this connection it is important for the pharmacy to create an effective system for managing the quality of medicines from their admission to the pharmacy before selling to the population and providing customers with the qualified medical products.

First of all, MCP trains specialists who are assigned to develop and implement a quality management system at specialized courses. It is necessary to determine the main processes, establish the sequence and interaction of these processes; find out the criteria and methods for ensuring the effective operation and management of these processes; ensure that resources and information are available to support and monitor these processes; organize monitoring, evaluation and analysis of processes; provide internal audit, management review, management of non-conforming products, conduct corrective and preventive actions; establish responsibility for the execution of processes in job descriptions, documented procedures and subsequent inspection control.

The duties of My Canadian Pharmacy quality control department:

  1. Control of all stages of the product circulation in the pharmacy: purchase, acceptance and acceptance control, distribution of storage, storage, manufacture of medicines, intra-drug and intranet movement of goods, distribution and control when drugs are dispensed for compliance with the requirements of the current regulatory acts regulating pharmaceutical activities.
  2. Analysis and systematization of the information on the quality of medicines entering the pharmacy, as well as information on the rejected and falsified products.
  3. Informing the controlling organizations, the head of the pharmacy and the heads of the structural divisions of low-quality medicines.
  4. Organization of return to the supplier of poor-quality medicines and transfer of drugs withdrawn from circulation, the organization that carries out their destruction.
  5. Conducting internal checks for compliance with the requirements FDA.
  6. Development of parameters and forms for documenting the results of the assessment of the compliance of the activities of the pharmacy organization with the requirements of the Industry Standard.
  7. Development of measures aimed at improving the effectiveness of the quality management system at the enterprise.
  8. Analysis of the results of internal audits and the formation of a corrective action program to address identified shortcomings.
  9. Carrying out activities to systematically improve the skills and professional competence of specialists. The quality officer must ensure the orderly storage of title documents or their copies on the real estate object, the conclusion of the sanitary and fire-fighting service, the documents for the equipment available in the pharmacy.

My Canadian Pharmacy Offers Really Affordable Pricing

My Canadian Pharmacy makes life easier for customers: there is no need to run around the city in search for the right medicine. You can compare the cost on the website in a couple of clicks. Prices for the drugs at My Canadian Pharmacy are much lower than at traditional drug stores. Here, you can find rare medicines for the treatment of oncological, neurological, cardiological, viral diseases, including hepatitis, as well as preparations for IVF at reduced prices.

Special offers, promotions and discounts are an excellent chance to purchase the necessary drugs on favorable terms. And therefore, when there is a need to purchase a medicine, we all ask ourselves: what kind of pharmacy is the cheapest and will not we distribute a counterfeit? The cost of the same product in different pharmacies may vary. Perhaps, this difference will not be so noticeable when it comes to inexpensive means, or in the event that you need one package of the drug only. But what if a doctor prescribed you the whole course with an expensive medication, or a lot of different medications at the same time or it is a drug therapy on an ongoing basis?

On the Internet, you can buy anything, including medicines. Moreover, prices in online pharmacies, such as My Canadian Pharmacy, are usually somewhat lower, since they do not have to pay rent for the premises, salaries to pharmacists and consultants. However, you can only contact those online stores that have been working for a long time and have an impeccable reputation. There are enough one-day shops selling drugs at incredibly low prices, but there you will most likely be sold a fake.  The cost of drugs in different pharmacies may vary depending on the brand and price policy of the drug store.

Over-the-counter medications can be bought cheap at My Canadian Pharmacy. What allows it to maintain low prices for drugs? Everyone knows that the drug market can easily run into a fake. Most often, forged advertising drugs with a branded name, referring to the middle price segment are popular and bought up quickly. It makes no sense to equip an underground laboratory to make a fake Citramonum, which is already very cheap, or for the sake of a rare and expensive medicine, which will be difficult to sell. Counterfeits copy those funds that you see daily in television commercials. Especially popular among pharmaceutical criminals are painkillers, antibiotics, remedies for normalizing the work of the digestive tract and anti-cold drugs. How to distinguish a fake from a real medicine? Unfortunately, if you are not an expert at the disposal of a whole laboratory, it is almost impossible. Both the box and the appearance of the tablets can exactly copy the original form.

Fast and Efficient Delivery


We compared many online pharmacies, and certify that to buy from My Canadian Pharmacy and have the medications delivered at home are convenient and cheap options! A customer saves a lot of time for journeys to pharmacies and long lines. Let us consider the advantages of buying a medicine delivered at home:

  • Medicines at home can be purchased by thoroughly studying the instructions on the website, reading reviews of customers in a relaxed environment, and make a final choice without unnecessary haste.
  • If you order medication for a home, an office or a hospital, you do not have to waste time searching for drugs in offline pharmacies.
  • During seasonal epidemics, ordering a medicine at home is a way to avoid contracting a contagious person.
  • For certain categories of citizens (mothers with small children, low-mobility citizens or people on treatment in the hospital), buying drugs at home or at the hospital is the most convenient way of obtaining drugs.
  • If you order medicine at home, you can choose a convenient time for delivery.

This Pharmacy has been supplying medicines throughout the world for many years. They are constantly expanding the delivery zones. They delivers medicines to your home, hospital or office at a time convenient for you. The medications can be ordered through via the shopping cart on the website or by phone. If you order the medication at home before 18.00, the delivery of medication will be made in a day. All medicines are delivered at home in sealed packs, which guarantees the confidentiality of the order.

Wide Range of Medications

This Pharmacy assortment is quite large offering a wide range of herbal medicines, numerous dietary supplements, wide mother and child assortment, varied choice of national and international natural cosmetics, wellness products. And the list does not end here, My Canadian Pharmacy provides its customers with medications from A – Arnica to Z – Zanaflex in the form of dilutions, tablets, jellies, capsules and chewables. Baby theme is represented by baby care, products and hygiene. For such diseases as allergies, stomach and intestinal disorders, My Canadian Pharmacy offers supportive measures: prevent and treat. You’ll find here vital substances, trace elements, co-enzymes, pollutants and bacteria. Smoking cessation will be easy with supportive measures with proven products. The pharmacy also has an extensive list of best-selling ED drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their miscellaneous generics.

What about Bonuses, Discounts and Coupons?

Bonuses, Discounts and Coupons

With customers’ consent, My Canadian Pharmacy informs them regularly about planned actions or sends them vouchers for special occasions (birthday, Easter, Christmas, etc.). The pharmacy gives 5% discount on the entire range of free choice (except prescription and pharmacy drugs, medical devices and co-payments, not combinable with other discounts). A customer can download a customer card application of a particular delivery service. They will deliver remedies and directly to home. Customers’ personal details are important and unique; therefore, My Canadian Pharmacy guarantees that they treat your information with the utmost care and will never give it to third parties unasked for! Customers’ loyalty card is a free service from the pharmacy.

All in all, My Canadian Pharmacy has an extensive marketing arsenal:

  • Customizable bonus system for purchases, promotions, discounts, coupons;
  • Gift certificates;
  • Widgets for the affiliate program of the store, places for banners
  • Various customer lists (wish list, you looked and others);
  • Possibility to purchase in one click, call back order;
  • SMS and emails to customers
  • Timers to stimulate demand during promotions;
  • Organization of cross-sales sales. And that’s not all!

User-Friendly Interface

Among many ready-made platforms and scripts, it’s sometimes difficult to make the right choice without learning a lot of information. This article is designed to make this choice easier. We are going not only review the functioning of My Canadian Pharmacy as a medical goods provider, but also determine the strengths and weaknesses of website.

Let us consider a number of essential criteria on this website:

  • Intuitive interface of the administrative part of the site management system;
  • Convenient catalog with commodity items.
  • Availability of marketing tools functionality (callback, with this product also bought, previously you watched, crossed out prices with a discount, hits of sales, marketing actions, etc.)
  • Convenience and simplicity of the process of placing an order on the part of the buyer.
  • Variability of payment acceptance methods, delivery service plug-ins with auto-cost calculation.
  • Adapted for mobile devices template and integrated SEO-optimization.
  • Ability to integrate with various services (delivery, payment, and analytics).
  • Availability of a detailed user manual, a video training system and of course responsive technical support.
  • Absence of a limit on the number of goods.
  • Convenience of import of commodity items and ready-made price lists with the possibility of their mass editing.
  • Convenient system for notifying the client and the store administration of new orders, changing their status.
  • Widely customizable showcase with the ability to create multi-level menus
  • Built-in integration with the popular merchandisers, various payment systems, courier services, accounting and analytical services.
  • Built-in analytics of visitors’ behavior on the website, analysis of abandoned baskets.
  • Adaptability for mobile devices showcases templates.
  • Embedded in the engine elements of SEO-promotion, not even for professionals.
  • Modern functionality of the personal cabinet of the admin and the client, as well as the actual shop windows, regular updates and improvements.
  • Detailed technical documentation and availability of consultancy online.
  • Built-in enhanced site analytics and monitoring of its performance.
  • The presence of a powerful system to protect the website from hacking (DDOS-attack, antivirus, anti-phishing, data encryption)
  • Integrating with other software.
  • A large number of ready paid and free design templates and plug-ins.
  • Unlimited number of commodity items.
  • Intuitive and simple admin panel.
  • Wide customization of properties varieties, their characteristics.

Overview of My Canadian Pharmacy Testimonials


My father has a primary level of cirrhosis. My Canadian Pharmacy ordered a drug from Germany Ursofalk for my father. Excellent product and a great company! His health condition improved significantly, the pain diminished, he began to eat. Thank you very much, now I will buy drugs from you only!


My wife after a craniocerebral injury developed epilepsy. We were recommended a medicine Ergenyl. I am very satisfied with the service of the company, very attentive, professional staff. They delivered the drug after 5 days, a bill, a certificate – everything is present. The price of the medicine is not more expensive than in our pharmacies, and the quality is incommensurably higher. I recommend to all.


I work as a hairdresser all day long on my feet. By the end of the shift, the feet ache painfully, and any touch to the sole is perceived as a burn. MCP advised me orthopedic insoles. A great tool! Now not only can I stand all the shifts, but also stroll with my grandson after work.


I began to notice that I was turning into an angry, bilious old lady who gets irritated by everything and everybody. Relations with the formerly beloved daughter-in-law have deteriorated, they have ceased to go to visit their son, and friendship with neighbors has been interrupted. The doctor recommended me a medicine Encephabol and I ordered it from MCP. I’ll be honest – it’s not very cheap, but it helps! I took a pill during a month, but after two or three weeks I began to notice that it’s nice to talk with people, I started doing my favorite thing, and my son’s family had a good relationship. Thank you!


After an accident, my 20 year-old sister developed epilepsy. Some drugs did not help at all; some of them had caused an allergy. Attacks began to occur 2-3 times a day. The guys from this pharmacy organized a remote consultation with a renowned neurologist who recommended a medicine. Due to the clarity in work and professionalism of the employee of My Canadian Pharmacy, the original drug was delivered to us in 3 days. The drug is just a real miracle – after 3 days the cramps in my sister became less frequent, and a month later – stopped altogether.


Mom is 60 years old; she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis for the last five years. The joints are so painful and swollen that my mother sometimes could not even get out of bed. Treatment of special benefit did not bring. Appealed to online pharmacy, where after consulting me in absentia, I was recommended Celebrex. Delivery of medicines took only 5 days. Severe pain was a day after the start of the original medicine, and a week later my mother was able to put on normal shoes and even started to knit! Especially I want to note the service in the company. The price is quite affordable. I recommend to everyone.


Guys, if you really need high-quality and effective original preparations, contact My Canadian Pharmacy. I ordered them a drug for diabetes, Glucophage. The medicine really helps. I bought the same drug in my local pharmacy – the effect occurred, but was not so obvious. The drug really reduced my insulin resistance. I began to feel much better, even switched to lower doses. The price is normal, delivery – on time. I recommend to all.


I want to thank the team of MCP experts for the professionalism and quality medicines. I ordered a medicine for pressure Tenormin from them. The guys helped to choose the right dosage and to calculate the right amount. In this pharmacy, I finally managed to buy a tonometer with a wide cuff – I have stout hands. We delivered everything on time, of excellent quality, with all the documents. Thank you for your work!


Thanks to this pharmacy for the timely delivery of high-quality medicine. Thyroid dysfunction started several years ago, and I passed several courses of treatment, but there were practically no positive changes. Thanks to the original drug, I began to feel much better, the clinical indices also improved. The price of the medicine is quite affordable, and the quality of the drug and service are brilliant.


I want to thank My Canadian Pharmacy for helping and delivering qualitative medicine, Abraxane. The therapy practically did not help my mother. They recommended Abraxane. Found the right medicine only in Internet pharmacy, My Canadian Pharmacy. Medications without intermediaries were delivered in 3 days. The guys helped to correctly calculate the number of medications, I did not want to take too much – after all, it costs a lot. But the drug was really effective and saved my mother. Thank you very much for your concern and understanding.

Consultants and Service

This pharmacy is rightfully considered to have invested soul, knowledge and experience in servicing every patient. It provides professional pharmaceutical assistance. It does not just sell medicines, as do other pharmacies. Their employees are eager to solve the problems that are being addressed to them. They provide their customers with professional pharmaceutical assistance. What is its uniqueness? The pharmacists have special knowledge on the safety and efficacy of drugs. A pharmacist is a colleague of a doctor who is equally responsible for the result of drug therapy, and, in addition, for reducing the cost of treatment.

  • Are there any doubts when choosing a medicine?
  • There is no way to get a consultation with a doctor, but you need a medicine urgently?

Especially for visitors of My Canadian Pharmacy website, there is an online consultation of a pharmacist. Service “Pharmacist online” works around the clock. Just ask your question in the chat window in the lower right corner or contact a consultant directly by phone.

  • Fast

You spend 3 minutes to ask a question, and less than 10 minutes to get an answer to it.

  • Convenient

You do not need to go anywhere. Consultation takes place on the website or phone.

  • Professional

Consultation is conducted by experienced pharmacists with a long history.

When is it necessary to consult a professional pharmacist?

  • You do not have the opportunity or time to make an appointment with a doctor and ask him a question;
  • You forgot to specify the dosage of the drug, and go to the pharmacy to clarify everything from the pharmacist – just not enough time;
  • You are concerned about contraindications to the medicine. Of course, there are instructions, but still, you want to hear the opinion of a specialist;
  • The doctor prescribed the medicine, but it was not cheap. You need a quality analog;
  • Your problem is too delicate or seems insignificant for a personal visit to the doctor.

Bear in mind, the consultation by their specialist is not an alternative to a visit of an attending physician.

Privacy Policy Is Mandatory

By ordering drugs to improve health from our online pharmacy (hereinafter referred to as the store), a customer automatically and completely agrees with privacy policy and protection of user information, as well as gives full consent to the receipt, processing and storage of personal data.

  • Customer data protection

The administration of the online store cannot transfer or disclose information provided by the customer when placing an order and using the site functions to third parties, except as described by the law of the country on whose territory the buyer is located and conducts his activity on the Internet.

  • Obtaining personal data

To order medications, the buyer must provide some personal information. To verify the personal data provided by the buyer, My Canadian Pharmacy reserves the right to ask the customer for proof of the correctness of the data online or offline.

  • Use of personal data

The online store uses the buyer’s personal information only for service purposes. Part of the personal data can be provided to the bank or payment system, only if the provision of such information is necessary for the payment system. This pharmacy makes every possible effort to save the safety of the personal data of the customer. Personal information about the buyer can be disclosed only in cases described by the current law, or when the administration of MCP considers such actions necessary to comply with a court decision, legal procedure or legal process necessary for the work of a buyer with an online store.

  • Control of personal information

To control personal data, there are mechanisms for verifying personal data. The responsibility for the consequences of providing incorrect data lies entirely with the customer. In the event that part of the personal information has changed over time, the customer must make the necessary changes to his data in the account or write to MCP managers to make such changes.

  • Communication

When each new order is issued on the website, the customer receives a message that confirms his successful order.

  • References

On the website, links to other sites can be published. This pharmacy does not take any responsibility for the content, quality and security policy of other resources.

  • Security

MCP provides complete security of the customer’s account from unauthorized access.

  • Notification of changes

My Canadian Pharmacy reserves the right to make any changes to the privacy policy without additional customer notifications. The new rules come into effect from the moment they are posted on the website. Customers can monitor the changes in the privacy policy of this pharmacy.

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