As a Colorado HealthOP member, you have the right to request access to specific records maintained by your health insurance CO-OP.

The Board will maintain records to satisfy corporate record-keeping requirements, to keep Members informed and to meet the legitimate needs of the Board and Members for information for outreach, election and Member resolution purposes.  Consistent with Colorado cooperative law, the following records may be available to Members at the principal offices of Colorado HealthOP, subject to the discretion of the Board to determine what records are appropriate for the purposes of the organization, the length of time that records will be retained and Colorado HealthOP’s policies relating to confidentiality, disclosure, inspection and copying of the records:

  • Minutes of all meetings of the Members, all meetings of the Board (other than executive sessions) and meetings of the Nominating and Member Outreach Committee; a record of all actions taken by the Members or the Board without a meeting by written unanimous consent in lieu of a meeting; and a record of all waivers of notices of meeting of the Members and of the Board, all for the most recent three years.
  • Articles of Incorporation of Colorado HealthOP, including any amendments after January 1, 2014.
  • Bylaws of Colorado HealthOP, including any amendments made after January 1, 2014.
  • All written communications within the past there years to Members as a group or to any class of Members as a group.
  • A list of the names and business addresses of current Board members and officers.
  • A copy of the most recent periodic report delivered to the Colorado Secretary of State.
  • All audited financial statements prepared for periods ending during the last fiscal year.
  • All Form 990s, filed with the Internal Revenue Service for the most recent three years.

To request records listed above, please complete the form below.

  • Please enter your member ID as it appears on your card.
  • Using the list above this form, please provide us with a list of which records you would like to access. Please be as specific as possible including types of records, date ranges, etc.