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By being a member of the CO-OP, you’re investing in your health. In return, we’re investing in tools and resources to enhance your health—both online and in the real world.

When you register for www.myHealthOP.org, you get access to personalized, real-time account information for all things related to your membership with Colorado HealthOP.

Keep your personal health information safe

No need to worry about finding a paper shredder as soon as you go through the mail. The Member Portal allows you to protect your personal health information and claims data with strong authentication and encryption.

Manage your health information with ease

Running late for your doctor’s appointment and realized you left your biometric screening results on the kitchen counter? No problem, you can access all of your health information and claims data on-the-go through your smart phone.

Preventive Health Actions (image-screenshot) from myHealthOP.org, Colorado HealthOP's Member PortalGet Answers 24/7

You can get answers to many of your questions related to claims with the Member Portal. You can even print a temporary Member ID Card, no need to wait on hold!

Start Your Health Actions

Take your online health survey – step one in your Health Actions. Depending on your plan this could be the first step to moving to an Enhanced Plan.

Medical and Pharmacy Benefits Information

Download important health plan documents including your individual policy or benefits certificate, summary of benefits and coverage, and benefits summary chart.

Claims History and Explanation of Benefits – All in One Place

Plan Benefits (image-screenshot) card in myHealthOP, the Member Portal for Colorado HealthOPView recent claims and generate claims history reports in various date parameters.

Personal Health Assistant and Search for a Provider

Have a health question? A symptom? Looking for advice? Ask us! Plus you can search our database for local providers.

FREE Health Programs (image-screenshot) in myHealthOP.org.Connect to Free Health Programs

Whether you have high blood pressure, are looking to quit smoking, want help with your mental health, or want to make sure your little ones keep a healthy mouth, we want to help you access these amazing, Colorado-based programs.