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Easy Answer Lookup: Popular Questions To My Canadian Pharmacy

If you can’t find the information you need on our official webpage, we’re ready to consult you in almost no time. Just get in contact with one of our online managers via email or telephone. Find the answers to the most frequent questions down below.

Do I need a prescription to purchase drugs from your website?

Yes, you do. You’ll have to send us a valid prescription so that we can make sure the course of treatment you choose goes in line with your current health indicators. We’re a team of well-meaning medical specialists willing to provide you with safe and sufficient service.

In case if you don’t have a prescription, we can help you make it official by getting in contact with your physician. Anyway, you should understand that telemedicine services we offer are destined to maintain your health and not to harm you. Our customers’ well-being is key to the successful development of our business.

What kinds of meds do you offer?

Our website presents a vast number of drugs. We offer painkillers, anti-allergic pills, diabetes drugs, cancer pills, antibiotics, acne remedies, hair-loss medicines, and more. We also provide our clients with sufficient information about the effectivity and unwanted side effects.

What about generic medications?

We sell both brand and generic medications to be in line with the financial capabilities of our customers. Generics make about a half of the medicinal products we offer. They coast significantly cheaper, and their effectivity is on the same level in comparison to the branded drugs. This way we offer sensible and cost-effective treatment for anyone who needs it.

Why do most pharmaceutical specialists say generics are dangerous?

Unfortunately, there’s a great number of online pharmacies dealing with indecent manufacturers. There are suppliers in the Asian countries offering cheap counterfeit meds, and you never know whether they are made of harmless components. Even if the structure of the med is the same, the manufacturer can spoil the process of preparation by using improper technologies.

We only deal with the trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers, and if it is necessary, we are ready to share contact information about them to make you understand that you don’t risk your health buying medications from My Canadian Pharmacy.

Why are generics so cheap?

The structure of these meds has the same active ingredients, which means the same effectivity. However, these pills will look differently, they will have another name and dosage. Nevertheless, they make a perfect replacement for those who don’t have enough cash to invest in their everyday treatment.

The point is that the manufacturers of generics have no need to invest in marketing and branding. People already know about their existence because sensible customers are always in search of more effective and reasonable ways to take care of their well-being.

Are copies of brand medications legal?

Yes, they are. Manufacturers get the right to use the same composition in their generic version because the patent on the original medication expires. The production and release are also under governmental control. The researches thoroughly test the pills before they get to the pharmaceutical market.

Are generic drugs as effective as the originals?

They usually are. As soon as they have the same elements in the structure, they do the same work. They may have more dosage options, non-habitual design, and color. The only thing that may cause trouble is your personal intolerance to some of the inactive components.

Do all branded medications have their cheap copies?

Unfortunately, not all branded drugs have their generic versions. The manufacturers of generics have to wait up to 15 years until the patent of the original med is expired. Only this way they can get legal right to reproduce the medication in their own laboratories.

What meds are the most popular among your customers?

Our chief focus is on men’s health. We specialize in treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. We also offer female Viagra, which is very effective in case if a woman suffers from the loss of sexual arousal. Pills for the enhancement of sexual health in both men and women are costly nowadays. We offer a wide range of brand and generic medications to deal with your delicate health conditions.

Do you notify your clients about the discounts and meds available?

Of course, we do. That’s the only way to attract more customers. As soon as everyone knows about our prompt operation and ability to get in touch with the customers, we draw more attention and enjoy impressive popularity in the online pharmaceutical market. We have regular discounts and personalized offers for our loyal clients. We send notifications via the email – you only have to subscribe to our newsletters.

What payment methods do you offer?

We have all the basic payment methods available. In case if you have difficulties with the payment procedure, contact us directly, and we’ll find an appropriate solution for you.

What about delivery options?

There are two ways to get the parcel – regular airmail and courier delivery. The first one is regularly used for the orders from over-the-border. The second one is available on the territory of the United States. Courier delivery is always faster. Nevertheless, everything depends on the remoteness of your place of residence.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. However, you’d better consult one of our online managers to find info about the countries that accept cooperation with our online pharmacy. Unfortunately, our activity is not considered legal in some of the countries.

What if I don’t get my parcel in time?

We’ll immediately find a mutually satisfying solution. You’ll either get a full refund at once, or we will resend your parcel free of charge ASAP. We kindly ask our clients not to worry, because we keep track of every pack of pills we send. We also urge you to be patient in case if you order in time of celebrations when the customs and postal services are overloaded.