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My Canadian Pharmacy Benefits

We can list the advantages of My Canadian Pharmacy till cows come home, but it is not the length of our “pros” list that makes us stand out; it is the exclusive combination of those benefits that has made us the Customer Choice award winner so many times since 2001. It is hard to believe now that our history goes almost two decades back, and yet it is an actual fact: if our drugstore were our kid, it would be in college by now.

The years spend in the industry flow differently though: we got our valuable education while serving our customers, always improving and diversifying the range of tasks we are ready to take on. Against the background of the hyper-dynamic world of Interweb technologies, sticking around for more than eighteen years is a sturdy proof of first-water quality. We are now speaking about quality on every level: the quality of products (see our runaway bestsellers on the main page), of services, of the pricing policy and the website content offered for educational purposes. It is impossible to find any other e-commerce player engaged in healthcare who would dedicate quite as many resources to constant betterment of our webshop.

During all this time, we have piled on and significantly upgraded the following advantages, the combination of which makes us Web’s most rewarding pharmacy:


  • hand-picked drugs with quality assured by experts
  • drugs by reputable manufacturers
  • generic versions of every popular medication
  • value packages


  • honest prices for the value we provide
  • heavy seasonal discounts
  • regular sales and promotion campaigns cutting down up to 70% of our prices
  • bonus pills for everyone
  • free delivery deals
  • free shipping insurance deals
  • direct sales model allowing to cut down logistics costs


  • full confidentiality
  • 256-bit SSL protection for pages with sensitive information
  • discreet billing
  • diversified payment options
  • diversified, reliable and anonymous delivery
  • international shipping
  • the best customer support services on Web
  • informational support and free pharmacy advising
  • mobile app for pharmacy shopping on the run

My Canadian Pharmacy and Colorado HealthOP’s health insurance plans cover a wide range of drugs. You can choose to pick your drugs at the pharmacy, or you can choose to have your medication mailed directly to you. The level of coverage and what you will pay out of pocket varies based on the plan you choose.Despite the fact that we are famous for our ED medicines, we have also a variety of other products which cope with other health complications. People can get here medicines to treat gastroduodenal problems, breathing difficulties, skin problems, alopecia, infections, nervous disorders, infertility, and other diseases.

Colorado HealthOP works with My Canadian Pharmacy and WellDyneRx,
our new partner for pharmacy benefits.

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  2. 800-900-6570
    toll-free TTY
  • As our pharmacy benefits partner, My Canadian Pharmacy is committed to providing you with the highest quality prescription benefits program.
  • If you have questions about Colorado HealthOP’s health insurance plans, call us at 855-697-1656.