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My Canadian Pharmacy Company Introduction

My Canadian Pharmacy operates at the market of online drugstores. Being a subsidiary online service from the franchise of reputable Canadian online pharmacies – CohealthOP – MCP works on providing and delivering the best generic and brand medications (prescription and OTC).

There are over 50 Canadian online pharmacies where you can order medications but our pharmacy gives a totally new customer approach. The team creates all conditions and provide all necessary possibilities so you could take good care of your health, beauty and lifestyle. We work for you based on these basic principles: We all want to live in a healthy and beautiful society, of which each of us is a part. The health of adults and children is the key to the nation’s prosperity and the personal happiness of every customer. Healthy, beautiful and happy people – this is the highest value for us.

We offer you only the best services:

  • high quality products and services;
  • the widest and deepest catalog with medical products;
  • individual consultations provided free by professional experts.

Our services profess the principles of mutually beneficial and honest partnership, because the impeccable fulfillment of the obligations undertaken creates a synergy of cooperation.

My Canadian Pharmacy is a new look at what an online pharmacy should be:

  1. Many medical products. We know how important our customers are. That is why we offer the professional service, attention and care. High quality of medical services and medical products – the main value of MCP;
  2. Providing top-notch quality. The success of our team is an achievement of many qualified and professional people;
  3. Integrity and customer support. MCP is a company that takes responsibility to its partners, unswervingly respecting all obligations and follows the agreed rules.

The use of My Canadian Pharmacy services

Regular pharmacy can be compared with a store, and online drugstore with a supermarket. Firstly, supermarkets are popular because they is a lot of space here, and not a narrow room where many people are crowding, not allowing examining the medical products. Secondly, it is not necessary to communicate with sellers (pharmacists) when you want to make a choice on your own.

Using an online pharmacy is just like shopping in the supermarket. If you need to specify a few details, you can always call the hotline and chat with our consultants. One of the most important issues when choosing a pharmacy is, of course, prices. When the medicine is needed once or several times a year, you can still not study the price offers, do not compare the options. But those people who regularly purchase from local pharmacies will not refuse to save a few bucks and our pharmacy gives such opportunity. Make sure to check out the best deals and offers when selecting the prices from My Canadian Pharmacy.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple: to provide our members with affordable, quality healthcare that delivers on their needs. While other companies focus on making profits for corporate stakeholders, we’re a nonprofit, so we can focus on helping our members and keeping costs low. We’re also a My Canadian Pharmacy, so we give members a real voice in the benefits they want. It’s our mission to build a great health insurance company, together.

Our Board

Our board of directors is atypical of what you see in most health insurance companies. Our board consists of Colorado HealthOP members, who know our company and have a vision for how it could better serve our members. They set goals for the organization, serve as representatives at stakeholder meetings, develop policies, and weigh in on the big decisions. Board members are selected democratically by CO-OP members, which ensures that they have members’ interests in mind as they move our CO-OP in a productive, positive direction. Click here to learn more about the current My Canadian Pharmacy Board Members.

Co-op Model

You’re probably familiar with the success of CO-OP grocery stores, or a certain CO-OP recreational goods store, but a cooperative business model is also great for the health insurance industry. That’s because it allows us to really listen to the people who know best how to improve our CO-OP — our members. We give members a say in how our profits are redistributed into the company and what treatments they’d like to see covered, such as acupuncture and chiropractic care, free primary care visits and free generic medicine for certain chronic conditions. If two minds are better than one, then thousands of us putting our grey matter together can build a unique and incredible health insurance company. CO-OPs have been widely successful in a variety of industries. To learn more about health insurance CO-OPs in other states, visit www.nashco.org.