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Our Customer Care Policy

My Canadian Pharmacy sticks to high-quality client service standards, and our customer care policy follows the ideas of integrity, dignity, independence, and safety. Our management invests knowledge and experience to provide all current and potential clients with all accessible services regardless of their possible disabilities.

Our Mission Main Aspects

We are willing to find the most appropriate and ethical solutions for the customers we serve. We are interested in long-term care, which means that we are ready to deal with the outstanding innovations and engage the best specialists in our team. Our patient-centric policy views customers as the main source of inspiration and experience. We will make you come back to us again and again, which is the essential aim of our business relationship.

We understand that:

  • Customer service sets the potential;
  • Happy customers always return to the same pharmacies;
  • Improper data arrangement can be fatal;
  • Improper customer service leads to a dead-end;
  • Scheduling is important in a relationship between a customer and a pharmacy;
  • Mistakes of the delivery services are our complete responsibility.

Our customer care policy makes us one of the highly renowned pharmaceutical organizations not only within the borders of the US but over the border as well. We strictly stick to the following rules.


Accessibility means that we are ready to provide the current and potential customers with the lowest price tags in the market of pharmaceutical goods.

  • Low prices become a priority for patients who have to face long medication courses or maintenance treatment after the surgery.
  • A substantial turnover gives us a possibility to keep the price low – that’s the reason why you get cost-effective medicines saving your time and money but without sacrificing your well-being.
  • Our promotions and seasonal suggestions make the most popular meds even more accessible regardless of where you live – in a remote area or in a big city.


Our vast range of pharmaceutical products includes basic medication courses, as well as rare medicines produced by famous brands. Check out our main page to see what are the best-selling medications. Our laboratory professionals, as well as the pharmacists, test many meds on a regular basis to find out whether it is possible to replace a rare and expensive medication with a safe and trustworthy generic option.

In addition to the wide choice of Men’s Health products, we do offer general healthcare medications, vitamins, and supplements. Painkillers, Asthma meds, Antihistamines, Antibiotics, Skincare, Cancer meds, and many others are always available.

We never stop monitoring the market for more pharmaceutical items produced with the use of the latest technological achievements in chemistry and medicine.


Your satisfaction and health are our main priorities, and our services include:

  • Prompt and discreet delivery to almost any corner of the world;
  • Toll-free consultations with the qualified and experienced pharmacists;
  • Cancellation, return, and refund policies;
  • Personal notifications about the promotions and discounts on your regular medications;
  • Complete anonymity and protection of your data thanks to the properly arranged data integrity.

We analyze our daily work to improve what we do for you and attract more customers to enjoy our user-friendly service. Our competent management is ready for your inquiries if you have any questions concerning our services.


All brand and generic products offered on our website have been produced in accordance with the current FDA laws. We deal with licensed and reputable suppliers ready to provide our clients with official documents and lawfully accepted certification. Besides, we strictly abide to the following principles:

  • Our products are kept in appropriate conditions, and we use only modern storage and refrigeration systems.
  • If you order a medication sensitive to temperature changes, we arrange an appropriate package, so that your pills and other meds stay safe from deterioration.
  • Our transport companies understand that packages with pills demand specialized transport conditions – we never deliver the goods damaged.
  • We strictly control the expiry dates of the drugs because we care about our customers’ well-being.
  • Our generic products are not counterfeit – they are legal copies of their brand versions produced in different shapes, colors, ad dosages.

If you have questions concerning our service, or if you have trouble with the order placement, one of our online specialists is always ready to help you 24/7.

Our customer care policy includes:

  • Sticking to the top standards of the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Commitment to our customers’ health;
  • Providing pharma products and consultation services to partially disabled clients;
  • Straightforwardness and interaction destined to help you avoid any trouble;
  • Protection the clients’ medical and personal data;
  • Regular training of the current staff members;
  • Accepting feedback in order to make our service more transparent and appealing.