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Patient Safety and Quality Drugs

Businesses and industries have gone online, and in new circumstances, pharmaceutical companies are among the most popular. One of our essential policies is providing our clients with safe and high-quality drugs cheaper than in the majority of the habitual brick-and-mortar drugstores.

Patient Safety Aspects

Our clients are always on the safe side with us because:

  • Our prescription-based policy implies that we only deal with the valid prescriptions accepted by the therapists;
  • The drugs we offer have been produced in line with the laws and regulations established by the FDA;
  • Privacy and confidentiality are crucial for our management – the secrecy of your data is maintained on all levels of our online activity;
  • Our contact information is always available for anyone who would like to know more about anything our clients might find confusing or insufficiently explained.

My Canadian Pharmacy wants to reassure its clients that they will never fall victim to identity theft. We also promise not to expose your mobile devices or personal computers to any malware that can be harmful to your current operating system.

High-Quality Drugs & Medical Equipment

We establish ourselves as a flexible and maximally efficient pharmaceutical company where the top-notch quality of the medicines is an extensive priority. The specifications and descriptions of the drugs you can find on our website are medically relevant.

  • We cooperate only with the responsible and reputable drug suppliers who are ready to provide our clients with all information about the lawful side of their work;
  • Our data integrity policy helps us to stay up-to-date when it comes to the innovation in medicine and pharmaceutical equipment – we always know what brand drug is the most effective in the market, and what you can use as a cheaper replacement without sacrificing your health;
  • We offer safe treatment plans accepted by your physician, and we never sell brand drugs unless you provide us with permission from your medical practitioner;
  • Our staff members are knowledgeable specialists who seem to know more about each pill than any regular doctor.

Every day, our laboratory specialists test hundreds of new medications released recently. As soon as we find out about the enhanced formula of the med, we let our customers know about it so that they could purchase a more cost-effective solution. In the past, we had to face difficulties in sustaining the acceptable quality of the meds. At present, our experience has led us to the development of the industrious team working with the top insurance companies, suppliers, and lawyers, ready to protect our clients and help them get high-quality drugs and pharma equipment.

Data Integrity

What makes data integrity so important when it comes to safe customer service? It’s one of the most critical aspects of our work. It helps the management understand that the products the pharmacy offers have been produced following specific quality standards. All data processed by our management is consistent and complete.

  • Firstly, the more reliable and relevant the data is, the less trouble we have concerning the quality and safety of the products we offer;
  • Secondly, data integrity improves and stabilizes the connection between the regulatory, governmental agencies and pharmaceutical industries;
  • Thirdly, it helps regulatory organizations spend less time on constant inspections and audits, which makes our work more productive.

If the company ignores the aspect of integrity, it may result in a potential lack of trust from the affiliate companies and customers. Fails in keeping the data correct and valid may lead to patient harm, which we’re trying to avoid 24/7.

IMPORTANT! Drug descriptions and specifications posted on the pages of this website, as well as on the websites of our affiliate companies, are purely informational. We do not bear responsibility for the thoughtless behavior of our clients if they conceal any medical information that is crucial when choosing the medicine. All our conversations and written interactions are being temporarily recorded so that we could use it as proofs in case if there’s a misunderstanding.