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Generic and $0 Co-Pay Medications

The priority of My Canadian Pharmacy is to provide the access to a wide selection of medications at affordable prices without compromising the quality of products or the safety of the customers’ health. No doubt, the easiest solution is to offer our users to switch from brand medications to premium-quality generics.

What Is a Generic?

Generics are the copies of brand medications that are produced with the use of formulas of original drugs. In other words, they include identical active ingredients and provide patients with identical therapeutic effects. In fact, the biggest difference between a brand medicine and its generic is the name of a pharma company that has manufactured the product.

Still, there is a range of other differences, which you should also take into consideration:

  • The name of the product. Sure, the name of the medicine does not influence its effectiveness in any way. But any differences in names may cause a confusion.
  • The pharmaceutical form. In fact, that is a huge benefit, not a problem. Many manufacturers change the form of medications, so that it is more comfortable to use them. For example, while a brand medicine is produced in the form of usual oral tablets, its generic versions can be manufactured in the form of capsules with gel, soft pills and even jelly (that can be easily swallowed without water).
  • The dosage. In many cases pharma companies producing generics offer the same dosages as original manufacturers. However, the selection of available dosages can be also extended, so, before buying a generic, you should make sure that its dosage strength is identical to that recommended by your doctor.
  • The composition. Apart from active substances that provide therapeutic effects, any medication contains a range of auxiliary ingredients that make it smell and taste good, ensure its attractive color or perform other secondary functions. When producing generics, pharma companies can legally use different auxiliary components, since that doesn’t affect effectiveness or safety of medications. At the same time patients should be careful and take into consideration that colorants, flavorings and similar ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

Are Generics Safe?

Sure. For example, in the USA, in about 90% of cases, doctors prescribe generics instead of brand medications. And, as you know, the US healthcare system is considered to be one of the most effective in the world.

More to the point, as a customer of My Canadian Pharmacy, you will be offered products from trustworthy and reputable manufacturers only. We take all the precautions to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each and every product in our catalog.

How Much Can I Save?

In fact, by switching to generics you can cut the drug expenses by up to 80-85%!

The reason for such a generous discount is a dramatic reduction in production costs. The point is that, in order to introduce a new drug, a pharma company has to invest huge sums of money in researches and development, and those expenses constitute a significant part of a final price. Sure, to produce a generic, a company does not have to cover those expenses, since there is a ready formula developed by an original manufacturer. As a result, companies producing generics can offer huge discounts without compromising their own profits. In addition, generics are frequently produced in countries with low levels of prices and salaries, which ensures additional reductions in production costs. More to the point, to successfully produce and distribute a generic, one does not have to invest in marketing, since in most cases original products are popular enough, which ensures high demand for their generic alternatives as well.

As you can see, a dramatic difference in prices can be easily explained. There is no need to overpay for brand medications, when there are identical products at much lower prices.

How to Choose Generics?

First of all, you should make sure that there is a generic version of the medication prescribed. So, ask your doctor about that or turn to our pharmacist. Also, you can try to find a product needed in our catalog: search by the name of the active ingredient and have a look at the description on the page of the product. But, before placing an order, be sure to check whether the dosage offered corresponds to that indicated in your prescription.

My Canadian Pharmacy has an internal strategy of bringing together the best offers from producers of quality generic drugs, always with the best offers for loyal customers and first-timers alike. Check the freshest deals at the website: mylegacypharmacy.com.

How to Use Generics?

If there is no difference in the dosage strength or pharmaceutical form, there is no difference in the recommendations on the use as well. Brand medications and generics are interchangeable.