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Erectile Dysfunction: New Alternatives to Viagra. The Shock Waves

For patients suffering from impotence, Viagra’s family of drugs (so-called phosphodiesterase inhibitors 5) are still a treatment option, if not the only one. Drugs are effective in a high percentage of cases, especially where there is a reduced blood circulation, but require administration whenever you want to have a relationship or in any case continuous;…
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Are Online Pharmacies Really That Great For Saving?

It’s time for us to provide you with some clear-cut facts about the industry of pharma products and the activity of drugstores on the internet. Before you start adding the meds to your virtual shopping cart encouraged by low prices and incredible discounts, you should find out whether a company of your choice is legal…
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The Dangers of Having Your Health Condition Misdiagnosed

According to the most recent World Health Organization reports, approximately five patients die every minute as the result of inappropriate medical treatment. It is understood that 2 out of 5 cases of patient harm occur while providing primary and ambulatory medical assistance and, most times, they arise from misdiagnosing, drug prescribing errors, and drug misuse.…
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Sanders Visits Canadian Pharmacies To Check Out The Industry Standards

Sanders Visits Canadian Pharmacies To Check Out The Industry Standards

Since Canada is not planning to start the import of its drugs to America, US residents try to find alternative solutions. Recently, Bernie Sanders (U.S. Congressperson and Democratic presidential) visited a pharmacy near the border of Canada and the USA to reveal that Americans go there to buy expensive prescription medications. Sitting in the back…
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Pharmacist – More Than Just a Medication Seller? Concerns & issues

As we know, pharmacists’ daily routine consists not only of selling drugs — many of them are responsible for the whole range of other tasks. Which exactly, and how it might impact the quality of services. At a drugstore in downtown Toronto as of late, drug specialist Michael Demian was doing what he commonly does…
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Wellness Products for Women

10 Awesome Health and Wellness Products for Women We’ve Tried This Year

Health and Wellness market offers millions of products that promise us, women, to be healthier, more beautiful, and as a result, happier. How to make the right choice? What products are really worth the attention and which of them are a waste of time and money? Here at My Canadian Pharmacy, we love all things…
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Prescription Meds

Prescription Meds from Canadian Pharmacies: Top 10 Products 2019

Canadian pharmaceutical market offers effortless and effective ways to cut on routine healthcare expenses of the American citizens. Unfortunately, healthcare institutions in the country do not provide their clients with a sufficient amount of medications. Several legal concerns don’t let the Americans get certain meds in line with their health insurance. Are Canadian Prescription Drugs…
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global generics

What’s Wrong With The Global Generics Market, And How It Affects The Poor?

Appearance of generic medications is frequently considered to be a “fix” for high medication costs — a common worry in both developed and poor countries. However, according to the report from the Center for Global Development, for some low-and middle income nations, demonstrates that worldwide markets for generic meds are fizzling, leaving the poor patients…
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Compounded Medicines

Compounded Medicines: Safety and Regulation Issues

What kind of drugs do you usually take: compounded or manufactured by a large pharmaceutical company? At first glance, it seems that in most cases doctors prescribe factory-supplied medicines. But in practice millions of US citizens use compounded drugs on a regular basis. And in the USA there are about 7,500 facilities making such medications.…
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Canadian Online Drugstore

Is it Possible to Run a Online Drugstore by Your Own?

Many new entrepreneurs who dream about making their business successful start from a single business idea. Running an online drugstore may seem a great business startup plan for a beginner. But is it really worth the trouble? Let’s figure out that pros and pitfalls are waiting for every self-employed beginner who dreams about helping people…
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