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TOP 10 Medications to Order in Summer 2019: My Canadian Pharmacy Seasonal Offers

My Canadian Pharmacy offers a wide range of medications for both general and specific health conditions. We mostly specialize in the sexual health of men and women. PE and ED drugs are prevailing. Nevertheless, our warehouses are stuffed with cost-effective remedies for diabetes, allergies, obesity, heart and blood problems, alopecia, and even cancer. Summer is…
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Top 20 Questions From Customers About Viagra: A Beginners Guide

Contents: What is Viagra? How does it work? When should I take Viagra? Who should not take Viagra? Can Viagra be taken for recreational purposes? Are there some age limitations? How effective is Viagra? How was Viagra checked for safety and effectivity? How does the drug affect sexual desire, orgasm and duration of sexual intercourse?…
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Virtual Healthcare

Canadians Are Going to Receive AI-Powered Virtual Healthcare at the end of 2019

Canadians get benefit from unlimited and instant medical help provided by licensed doctors. Learn more about it in this article. Due to the established partnership with HealthTap, VirtualMED obtained an opportunity to provide Canadians with timely and easy access to virtual AI-powered healthcare. Montreal-based company has developed a service, which is going to be available within the…
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Expired Drugs

Expired Drugs: Safe, Dangerous, or Useless?

Have you ever found drugs that have expired several days, months or even years ago while going through the medical kit? Many are wondering whether they should throw away the expired drugs immediately, or taking these won’t do any harm at all. Opinions expressed here and there may be opposing. Some claim that taking expired…
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What Asthma Medications in My Canadian Pharmacy are Good for Self-Treatment

What Asthma Medications in My Canadian Pharmacy are Good for Self-Treatment

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease, the prevalence of which has greatly increased in recent years. It is believed that many people are not aware of having asthma, and therefore do not receive proper treatment. At the same time, most asthmatic patients can gain complete control of the disease with the help of treatment, and…
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Prescription Medications store

The Best Way To Store Prescription Medications

The statistics gathered by the American Food and Drug Administration shows an alarming tendency. The users of prescription medications tend to expose these to light, water, and oxygen; the three substances associated with life in most humans, yet being the enemies when it comes to prescription medications. It the following article, we will see what…
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Negative Image pharmacy

Do Ads Impose the Negative Image for all Canadian Pharmacies Working Online?

As expected, strong competition in the field of online pharmacies drives the distributors to promote their products in a rather aggressive manner than cannot but detrimentally affect the image of entire e-commerce segment of online Canadian pharmacies. Aggressive promotions in online drugstore business: the consequences Aggressive commercial practices constitute an unfair practice because of repeated…
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Independent Pharmacies

Independent Pharmacies: What Do We Know about Them?

The rapid growth of retail pharmacy chains in the U.S. and Canada in recent years has marked the transition of the pharmaceutical distribution market to a qualitatively new level of development. The economic situation in the pharmaceutical market allows networks to formulate strategic objectives for the short and medium term, and to predict the direction…
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Health Engagement: It’s About Time

by Rachel Moore, Social Media and Digital Strategist at Colorado HealthOP I work in digital communications, which basically means I really enjoy saying things online to reach people’s eyes and leave a mark (hopefully). I also work in the healthcare industry — have done so for going on almost nine years cumulatively. So you can imagine my…
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All Things in Moderation – Especially Halloween!

What a timely message to send out before you venture forth tonight to enjoy the holiday! Yet, as you prepare for your special festivities, we wouldn’t be your health partner if we didn’t remind you that “all things in moderation” is a great policy for enjoying life and choosing health at the same time. Candy…
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