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asthma and mental health

Asthma and Depression: Can Asthma Drugs Really Cause Mental Health Issues?

A close relationship between asthma and mental health disorders was acknowledged more than a 100 years ago. Modern studies with vast statistical data confirm higher rates of mental disorders among asthmatic patients. Stress, anxiety and depression can exacerbate asthmatic symptoms; as the condition worsens, mental health issues arise easily as a result. Even more, a…
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How to use Viagra

Viagra Dosage at Maximum: 150mg and 200mg Pills Are Explained

How to use Viagra? It is a quite common question because there are brand and generic versions sold under this title or its varieties. However, all these pills despite the different contents share the same active component – Sildenafil. That is why the dosage is pretty much the same for each pill. If the deal…
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Diabetes Drug

Coverage Delay For The New (And Costly) Diabetes Drug In Canadian Pharmacies

British Columbia remains the only province in Canada that does not provide coverage for SGLT2 diabetes drugs. This relatively new drug type was approved by the FDA and EMA in 2012-13. Until now experts have expressed controversial opinions on the registered SGLT2 inhibitors. On the one hand, drugs of this class offer new opportunities in…
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Health and Wellness trends 2019

Health and Wellness Trends in 2019: Forgetting About Diets and Focusing on Brain Health

Understanding habits and choices that promote sound physical and mental health is the key priority, since health, according to the WHO, is 50-55% determined by one’s way of life. The newest research gives even greater importance to lifestyle, raising it to 70%. However, not only the importance attributed to healthy lifestyle is reconsidered. What practices…
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Vaccination Options for Working Parents in Canadian Pharmacies

Vaccination Options for Working Parents in Canadian Pharmacies

Despite many discussions rising on the Internet, vaccination is a must-have thing for children. However, this process may cause a lot of pitfalls for working parents. This category of parents is no less responsible for the health of their children and part of such treatment is vaccination. Canadian Healthcare Services make sure that working parents…
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Top-Rated Canadian Charities 2019 We Collaborate With

Our pharmacy has flipped through the MoneySense rating of reputable Canadian charities to find reliable partners, who are transparent and effectively allocate donations. There are dozens of charity initiatives organized by the Canadian Pharmacy managers in the last 10 years. This year we decided to render financial help to top Charity funds of Canada. To…
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TOP 10 Medications to Order in Summer 2019: My Canadian Pharmacy Seasonal Offers

My Canadian Pharmacy offers a wide range of medications for both general and specific health conditions. We mostly specialize in the sexual health of men and women. PE and ED drugs are prevailing. Nevertheless, our warehouses are stuffed with cost-effective remedies for diabetes, allergies, obesity, heart and blood problems, alopecia, and even cancer. Summer is…
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Top 20 Questions From Customers About Viagra: A Beginners Guide

Contents: What is Viagra? How does it work? When should I take Viagra? Who should not take Viagra? Can Viagra be taken for recreational purposes? Are there some age limitations? How effective is Viagra? How was Viagra checked for safety and effectivity? How does the drug affect sexual desire, orgasm and duration of sexual intercourse?…
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Virtual Healthcare

Canadians Are Going to Receive AI-Powered Virtual Healthcare at the end of 2019

Canadians get benefit from unlimited and instant medical help provided by licensed doctors. Learn more about it in this article. Due to the established partnership with HealthTap, VirtualMED obtained an opportunity to provide Canadians with timely and easy access to virtual AI-powered healthcare. Montreal-based company has developed a service, which is going to be available within the…
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Expired Drugs

Expired Drugs: Safe, Dangerous, or Useless?

Have you ever found drugs that have expired several days, months or even years ago while going through the medical kit? Many are wondering whether they should throw away the expired drugs immediately, or taking these won’t do any harm at all. Opinions expressed here and there may be opposing. Some claim that taking expired…
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