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Delivery Methods, Deals and Instructions

A few years ago, My Canadian Pharmacy was founded as a small experimental company by the professional team of Colorado HealthOP, that works in Canada for 20 years. Right now MCP is a reputable online drugstore service that provided affordable medications and related products to hundreds of interested people online. One of the greatest advantages is budget-friendly and relatively quick shipping service that is available all over the world. Our customers have an ability to choose medication for the best price, even if it is in another city, you will get it quickly and usually without a pre-payment. If you ordered a medical product to you in your city, you can deliver it on the same day at a convenient time for you.

Shipping services can even turn out free for users. our consultants may highlight the main advantages of online delivery services:

  • Anonymity of global shipping orders;
  • Simplicity of delivery orders;
  • Professional advice;
  • Low prices;
  • Fast shipping all over the world.

The benefits of My Canadian Pharmacy are obvious, and it’s much easier, cheaper and more anonymous to order pills with an online shipping straight to your doors. If we talk about the benefits of shopping in online pharmacies, they can be counted not so little. First of all, it should be said that the choice of drugs and medicines for medical needs in MCP is much greater than in ordinary pharmacies. And this list of benefits does not end there. It is also worth highlighting the following:

  • Low prices. In most cases, the cost of medical preparations in online pharmacies is on average 10-15 percent lower than in conventional pharmacies that are located in the village;
  • Professional advice online. To do this, simply contact the specified phone number. Also, MCP “live chat”, where you can get expert advice. This is the easiest way to choose the most optimal drugs for the treatment or prevention of a disease;
  • Ordering medications with a worldwide delivery. However, this service is not offered by many online pharmacies. In some cases, especially for older people, this option is the most preferred.

My Canadian Pharmacy also offers to order certain drugs that are almost impossible to find in conventional pharmacies. The dates of delivery for ordered medicines in each case may vary greatly. Most often, everything happens within 3-7 days, so very soon a customer will be able to get the right medicine.