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Terms of Sale: It Is Crucial

When you place an order with My Canadian Pharmacy, you accept that your age is within the limits of the governmental jurisdiction, and you bear your part of the responsibility for our interaction.

Accepting our terms of sale means that:

  • You are ready to provide us with sufficient information about you and your personal data;
  • You will share relevant prescription information provided by your doctor so that we could make sure our products will not harm you;
  • You will not hide away the details about your current well-being in case if you have any information concerning your allergic reactions and intolerances that we should know.

Your Personal Information

Your Personal Information

If you want to place an order on the website of MCP, you should accept the fact that the jurisdiction of your place of residence allows you to order medicines from over-the-border and within the borders of your country.

It means that you are:

  • Ready to make reasonable and responsible decisions basing on your actual needs;
  • Responsible for your actions, and will never let yourself hurt yourself or anyone else with our goods;
  • Aware of our terms of sales, as well as about our privacy policy;
  • Not against sharing your personal payment and delivery information with us;
  • Prepared for conversations with our specialists if they will need to specify the details about your current health indicators.

Your Prescription

Most of the meds offered by MCP Can only be prescribed by your legal, medical practitioner, basing on the results of your latest medical check-ups. Your prescription should be considered legal and in line with healthcare laws and legislation established within the borders of your country or place of residence.

We genuinely care about our reputation, and we reject to help potential clients unwilling to share information about their health indicators and current well-being. We don’t want to hurt anyone trying to protect our staff members on the official level.

  • Your request for the medications should be officially approved by your lawful physician through a relevant prescription;
  • You should have the results of your latest medical check-up that is no older than a year;
  • You agree to consult your physician and deal with additional monitoring and testing so that you could order highly-effective brand medications;
  • You have no right to purchase meds for anyone else — we are not MCP will not bear responsibility if you hurt anyone by offering the medications that you’ve ordered;
  • We don’t take responsibility for the unwanted consequences with someone’s health if you help anyone of the illegal age make purchases from our website.

MCP, as well as its third-party partners, have the right to access the legally accepted information from your physician, officially documented in your prescription, so that all of us stay on the safe side in case of your personal mistake. Any misunderstandings will be considered within the information presented in your relevant and lawful documentation.

Your Payment Procedure

Keep in mind that the price tags in our catalog may change if you don’t sign up for notifications about the changes in the prices. You can’t pay after the acceptance of your order and should proceed with the payment before the approval. Find out more about the payment options in our Payment Methods section.

  • The shipment taxes are the responsibility of our clients;
  • Our pricing policy is transparent so that you won’t have troubles with any hidden prices;
  • All details about your payment, including the information about the taxes and additional fees will be included in your invoice so that you could consider this information before you decide to pay.

Your Delivery Service

You have the right to ask for a refund in case if you don’t receive your medicinal and non-medicinal goods from MCP within the estimated time. If you don’t receive your order within 21 working days (which is unlikely), you have the right to ask us to refund you or resend the products free of charge.