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The Pharmacy Insurance: the Guarantee of the Safety of the Customers’ Money

One of the biggest advantages of My Canadian Pharmacy is the ultimate shopping experience that we provide to each and every customer. And we realize that, when it comes to buying medications online, the quality of delivery services plays a major role. Therefore, we pay attention to every detail: from selecting courier companies to packing processes. But in some cases packages are not delivered within the terms specified on our website or are not shipped at all, due to the reasons that go beyond our control. So, we insure the parcels, which we send to you, in order to reduce financial risks to a minimum.

What Is the Pharmacy Insurance?

That is the service, which allows us to refund you the cost of the order in compensation for the lost or damaged parcel, regardless of the reasons. Also, we can resend you the order at no charge, if you wish.

What for Do We Need such Insurance?

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with both our products and services, that is why we take responsibility for all the difficulties and problems that may affect the delivery process.

In order to offer the delivery of our goods across the world, we need to involve a large team of partners and to turn to hundreds of local postal services. Unfortunately, in many cases we cannot control the performance of all the post companies involved, the risk of human errors is high enough, and your package may get lost, despite all the efforts and precautions taken by our team.

Besides, packages may get lost due to all sorts of accidents: robberies, fires, floods and other circumstances of insuperable force. Consequently, we have made a decision to use the special insurance services in order to cover losses and expenses associated with delivery failures.

When Is the Insurance Applied?

The compensation is paid, when the package is lost or damaged due to the circumstances that go beyond the control of the team of our pharmacy.

Certainly, we understand that in the majority of cases you cannot wait for the order to be reshipped, since, as a rule, medicines are taken on a daily or regular basis. So, we are ready to refund the cost of the order for you to have the opportunity to buy the medications needed at a local facility. Sure, we will start fixing the problem the moment we learn about it.

But in case you have the sufficient supply of products, we will gladly resend your order, so that you get the opportunity to buy the premium-quality medications at the lowest reasonable prices and avoid overpaying for products offered by offline pharmacies.

What Should a Customer Do if the Package Has not Arrived in Time?

  • First of all, if you have the tracking code, use it to check the status and the location of the parcel. If you cannot find it or face any other problems, please, contact our support team.
  • In case you do not have the tracking code, make sure that the maximum shipping period has expired. Afterwards, turn to the local post office and ask about the package. If it turns out that it has not arrived yet, please, contact us. Our support team will make every effort to find out the reason for the delay.
  • It is noteworthy that in order to start the compensating procedures we will have to wait until the maximum shipping period, which is specified in the checkout form and in the shipping terms on the website, is over.
  • If it turns out that the package is lost, we will refund your money back or resend your order at no charge.
  • In case the package has arrived in the damaged state, you have the right to receive the compensation as well. So, feel free to turn to our support team. Please, keep the parcel (including the packaging) until receiving the further instructions from us.
  • Keep in mind that, if some products are missing in your package, there is a chance that they are sent in another parcel. That is a common situation, especially in the case of orders containing large supplies of pills (for more than 90 days mainly). So, do not worry and contact our support team in the first place.
  • In some cases the package may arrive after you receive the refund or the second parcel (which is sent in compensation). Please, be sure to notify us in such situations. We strive to provide you with the highest quality of service and to operate openly and fairly, so, we count on your honesty in response.

As you can see, turning to My Canadian Pharmacy, you should not worry about any problems associated with ordering medications online. Our team will make sure you are completely satisfied with the quality of our services, despite any external problems or accidents.