Colorado HealthOP presents the educational series to help you make sense out of your health insurance.


ExPLAIN: Making sense of health insurance.

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ExPLAIN is our way of making health insurance easier to understand. While we can’t change insurance terms, we certainly can help you make sense of the all the mumbo jumbo. We’ll do our best to steer clear of insurance jargon—or at least we’ll explain it. Whenever you see the ExPLAIN logo, you’ll know you’re getting the information you need without the rigmarole!

It’s simple (no, it really is)! If you need help with a strange health insurance term or phrase, look in our ExPLAIN Glossary. Need more detail on your Colorado HealthOP plan and how it works? Click on your plan in the ExPLAIN Health Plan Details. And if you need a quick tutorial on how part of your health insurance can work for you, watch our ExPLAIN Video Series.