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Learn To Understand Your Insurance Plan

My Canadian Pharmacy presents the educational series to help you make sense out of your health insurance.

Ever feel like health insurance folks are speaking an alien language? It’s not just you. Only 10 percent of people with advanced college degrees can understand what the heck insurance wonks are talking about. At My Canadian Pharmacy, we’re different! We want to be as transparent as possible about health insurance, so you get the most out of your insurance.

That’s why we’re starting a new initiative called ExPLAIN – Health insurance in plain terms. ExPLAIN is our way of making health insurance easier to understand. While we can’t change insurance terms, we certainly can help you make sense of the all the mumbo jumbo. We’ll do our best to steer clear of insurance jargon—or at least we’ll explain it. We’ll break it all down in short videos, blogs, newsletters and quick-read web pages. Whenever you see the ExPLAIN logo, you’ll know you’re getting the information you need without the rigmarole! Get started by checking out our ExPLAIN glossary. It’s loaded with key terms to help make sense of strange language of health insurance.