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What’s the connection between air pollution and lethal heart diseases?

The recent survey published by CHEST journal revealed that air pollution might be damaging for every organ and every cell in our body. According to WHO, one-third of deaths from strokes, lung cancer, and heart diseases happen because of air pollution. Breathing dirty air equals smoking tobacco or eating too much salt. Heart is the…
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Health Engagement: It’s About Time

by Rachel Moore, Social Media and Digital Strategist at Colorado HealthOP I work in digital communications, which basically means I really enjoy saying things online to reach people’s eyes and leave a mark (hopefully). I also work in the healthcare industry — have done so for going on almost nine years cumulatively. So you can imagine my…
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All Things in Moderation – Especially Halloween!

What a timely message to send out before you venture forth tonight to enjoy the holiday! Yet, as you prepare for your special festivities, we wouldn’t be your health partner if we didn’t remind you that “all things in moderation” is a great policy for enjoying life and choosing health at the same time. Candy…
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Being CO-OPy: A Silly Little Word

When I started my job here at Colorado HealthOP, they kept using the word “CO-OPy” to describe their culture. I thought to myself, “well, that’s a strange and silly little word.” There is probably no hard definition for what it means to be “CO-OPy” but that’s the point. There is a unique definition to every person…
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3 Things to Ask at Your Primary Care Visit

People ask me medical questions. And I like questions.  As a doctor, I realize people in my professional and personal life don’t just come to me for my winning personality and witty repartee. I’ve been to medical school, and sometimes it’s nice to know someone in the medical field as a go-to for questions about…
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Members First: Doing Our Job

by Hannah Speights, Colorado HealthOP 2014 Summer Outreach Intern After a recent community meeting in Summit County, Colorado HealthOP’s Kristin Van Horn received a voicemail message on her phone. It was from one of our members. The member thanked us for coming all the way to the Summit County area to listen to their voices…
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Being CO-OPy: 5 Ways to Broaden Your Horizons

You don’t have to be a part of a CO-OP to be CO-OPy—but you do have to be willing to have fun, be flexible, think outside the box and, on occasion, say so-long to your comfort zone. While these values make for a progressive and unique work environment, I highly recommend they be adopted as…
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Q & A at the CO-OP: Social Media

Summer Social Media Intern, Haley, sat down with her manager, Rachel, to learn a bit more about social media and the CO-OP. Haley Vechell (HV): What is your role at Colorado HealthOP? And when did you join the team? Rachel Moore (RM): I am the Senior Digital Media Specialist, which basically means I handle digital…
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Cancer Doesn’t Know “Invincible”

by Jennifer Henry, Director of Sales Operations at Colorado HealthOP Where does time go? When do we cross that line from being “young and invincible” to understanding our limitations? Not to say we should limit ourselves; it is more about learning to accept ourselves as we are today. I bring up these questions because too…
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Q and A at the CO-OP: Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer at Colorado HealthOP is only one of many, exuberantly, wide-brimmed hats worn by author/professor/director/carpenter Dr. Jack Westfall. See what our summer Clinical Care Intern, Sarah, learned about Dr. Jack. Sarah Hansen (SH): If you had to describe what you do here to someone who didn’t know in one sentence, what would that…
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