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Become Our Partner: Teaming Up With The Franchise For Greater Good

My Canadian Pharmacy is the popular Internet platform that uses the franchise of CohealthOP ― the world-famous company that has been working in the pharmaceutical market for dozens of years and has managed to develop a reputation as a reliable and respectable partner. We are proud of cooperating with them.

Why Do Our Customers Turn To Us?

  • A large selection of products. Our users have the opportunity to order everything they need from one website. While working on our assortment, we made every effort to include as many categories as possible. In addition to prescription and over-the-counter medicines, we offer birth control pills, prevention means, products for pregnant women and babies, tablets for losing weight, as well as other means for taking care of health and beauty. Sure, we regularly update our catalog and add new items that may attract the attention of our buyers.
  • Low prices. It’s no secret that most consumers pay attention to prices in the first place. In almost every country in the world, there are millions of patients who have to suffer from severe pains and other unpleasant symptoms because they cannot afford the medicines prescribed. So, we make every effort to provide our clients with access to high-quality products at the lowest prices possible. Sure, that’s not an easy task to do, but we know a couple of secrets and are ready to tell our partners about them.
  • Fast shipping services. When it comes to medicines, the speed of delivery plays a crucial role. Any delay may lead to the situation when a customer will have to interrupt the treatment course or to buy the products needed at the local drugstore at a higher price.
  • A discrete approach. We realize that some people may feel too embarrassed to frankly discuss their health problems, that is why we provide our users with the opportunity to deal with all the ordering procedures by themselves. Still, we are ready to help, to answer the questions or to give a piece of advice 24/7.
  • Informational security. We make sure the personal information of our customers is heavily protected. We use the latest technologies for securing bank data and make every effort to keep the information on our clients’ purchases 100% private.
  • Free consultations. If needed, we provide online consultations with medical specialists so that our customers have the opportunity to ask questions about their health problems and the treatment available on the condition of anonymity.
  • Sure, each partner of our company can also boast the advantages mentioned above. Join us, and we will share our best practices with you so that you become equally successful.

Why Should You Choose Our Franchise?

  • A well-known brand. Our name is on everyone’s lips. And it stands for top-quality medicines, affordable prices, prompt and reliable shipping and highly-competent pharmacists. You will not have to invest money, time and other resources in advertising and establishing a proper image. We have already done all the hard work for you. You can just make use of our achievements and start earning at once.
  • A well-developed strategy. You will not have to deal with the difficulties and problems that newcomers usually face. You will get a ready-made business that has already been running like clockwork and has been bringing in a good return.
  • Complex assistance. Sure, you can safely count on our support and advice. We are ready to help you with forming an assortment, finding and hiring staff, creating a website and any other aspects of work. We will show you how to establish all the business processes and to create the most comfortable conditions for your customers.
  • Favorable terms of cooperation. We offer a highly-profitable franchise for quite a reasonable fee. There is no need to worry about financial aspects, we are open to discussion, and we will make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the agreed terms.

There is one more aspect worth discussing. As you have probably noticed, today people prefer to make purchases online rather than at traditional stores. They do not want to waste time on walking around the city in search of lower prices and standing in lines anymore. Sure, online pharmacies are not an exception. More to the point, when it comes to buying medicines, the benefits of online shopping, such as privacy or time economy, play a special role. Unlike walking around clothes or beauty stores, visiting a pharmacy is not about having a good time. So, opening an Internet drugstore you may be sure that it will enjoy immense popularity and your customer base will be constantly increasing.

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