Colorado HealthOP - Checklist of Three Health ActionsAs your health partner, Colorado HealthOP wants to make sure you get all the perks and rewards your health insurance plan offers!

Your health plan is loaded with great ways to help keep you healthy and save the CO-OP money—which helps keep costs in check for you. We encourage all members to take three health actions to set them on a path to better health:

  1. Take your private health survey
  2. Go to your primary care doctor for a fully covered wellness visit, and
  3. While you’re at your primary care doctor, get your fully covered biometric screening

You may be healthy today, or managing a health condition, in either case you’re going to need some help maintaining your health as you age. Forming a relationship with your primary care provider and getting basic labs done at your wellness visit is the best way to make that happen.

Whether the results come back warning that you may have high blood pressure, are at risk for heart disease, or are the picture of health, these screenings and follow-up chats help your doctor determine what to keep an eye on. And routine check-ups make it easier to catch conditions early, allowing for treatments that could keep you out of the hospital.


When members complete all three Health Actions Colorado HealthOP gives rewards like*:

  • Extra fully covered primary care physician visits
  • Lower deductible
  • Coverage for acupuncturists and chiropractors
  • Fully covered behavioral health visits
  • More prescriptions become zero-copay

*Depending on plan, see your plan for details