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Tier 1 Providers for Your Health Care

Do you know how to find a great primary care provider for you and your family?

You don’t need to spend hours on the Internet reading through reviews. And you can put down the Magic 8 Ball.

We’ve made it easy. Just choose a Colorado HealthOP Tier 1 Provider. When you do, you’ll get a high quality primary care provider who:

  • Takes the time to answer all of your questions
  • Doesn’t rush through your appointments
  • Makes sure you understand your medications
  • Offers you exceptional value

Colorado HealthOP has done the homework for you. We’ve poured through quality data. Researched primary care providers across the state. Looked at who takes great care of their patients. And then we negotiated special rates with these providers to offer greater value for our members. They’re Colorado HealthOP’s Tier 1 providers.

What is a Tier 1 Primary Care Provider?

They’re doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who contract directly with Colorado HealthOP. All of Colorado HealthOP’s providers are licensed and offer excellent medical care working as proactive partners in the health of our members. But those who provide superior care and exceptional value are our Tier 1 providers. They also are recognized for meeting one or more of the following:

  • A National Committee for Quality Assurance qualified Patient Centered Medical Home
  • A Federally Qualified Health Center
  • A provider in the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative
  • A practice that is part of a Physician Association that gives Patient Centered Medical Home services

Tier 1 providers also use advanced technology and have specially trained staff that enables them to:

  • Track the progress of patients with ongoing conditions
  • Generate follow-up reminders so that each visit is set up to deliver needed preventive services
  • Coordinate care delivered by specialists
  • Provide care even when the patient doesn’t come to the office

Why should I see a Tier 1 provider?

All of that quality recognition, extra technology and staff training means Tier 1 provider’s patients have better results. When CO-OP members are healthier we all save money. And depending on your plan, members that chose a Tier 1 provider may save money.

Where can I find a Tier 1?

Finding a Tier 1 is as easy as using the “Find a Doctor” tool on our website—www.back.cohealthop.org (it’s at the very top of every page). If they are a Tier 1, their record will be noted with the symbol to the right. If the record doesn’t include the Tier 1 image, they are Tier 2.

You can also find a Tier 1 by calling the Care Navigator line at 855.796.7680 or completing our easy online form to get started..