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My Canadian Pharmacy: We Care of Every Client

Services of online pharmacies are very popular because they allow you to choose the right drug at a reasonable cost, without leaving home and not wasting time searching. A huge number of positive reviews deserved My Сanadian Pharmacy, the catalog of which contains the names of numerous medicines that allow each customer to make the best choice for themselves, without doubting the quality of the product. Purchasing drugs online has a number of significant advantages. You can order the drug at a pharmacy at any convenient time, while the cost of medicines will be much cheaper than when they are purchased in conventional pharmacy chains. Our online drugstore offers an extensive list of medications, where you can find the necessary medicine, read its description, basic properties, and instructions for use.

What Do We Offer?

MCP is one of the largest and the most trustworthy online drugstores. The assortment includes ED tablets, treatment of cardiovascular diseases, vitamin-mineral complexes, painkillers, sleeping pills, related products, etc. For almost 2 decades of its activity, our company has established itself as an inexpensive online pharmacy, characterized by a unique combination of price, quality, and high European service. The catalog contains lots of drugs that can be easily found in nearly 35 categories in the alphabetical list. Each product is attached to a full description. In addition, pharmacy customers can receive free online advice from qualified therapists before placing an order. The company has a flexible system of discounts for regular customers. Special bonus program allows you to accumulate bonuses. It can be used when making the next purchase. My Canadian Pharmacy is affordable prices, the possibility of convenient ordering via the Internet and fast delivery while respecting your privacy.

Focus on Male Health

Strong emotional and mental stress, chronic diseases can cause the development of erectile dysfunction in men. As a result, relations with a partner deteriorate, mutual passion disappears, which often leads to family breakup or separation. But do not despair, because doctors have developed special drugs for potency that enhance male libido and prolong sexual intercourse. The catalog of our online pharmacy represents a large selection of tablets for potency and long-term intimate relationships. They will allow a man to become more confident and attractive to women.

Mechanism of Action of Tablets for Potency

On our platform, you can buy drugs to improve erection (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their generics). Their action is aimed at stimulating the genitals in order to increase the duration of erection and to carry out full sexual intercourse. Special substances affect the elasticity of the penis, ensuring its blood supply. At the time of entry into the body of the main active components of the drug to increase potency, during sexual intercourse, a substance with high penetrating power is released into the cavernous bodies of the penis, thereby relaxing smooth muscles and improving blood flow to the cavities. This effect restores sexual dysfunction and increases the duration of intimate communication. Modern medicine has developed generics with the identical composition of Viagra and having the same strong effect, while their cost is much lower. Many drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra marketed to the world market are generic forms. They are developed according to similar recipes, so they effectively influence male power. Generics have the same number of positive properties:
  • treatment of a weak erection, improvement of its recovery after sexual intercourse;
  • prolonging the effect up to 4 hours and increasing the duration of an intimate act;
  • impotence treatment;
  • increase male libido.
The advantage of generics is that they contain the same active substances, but, at the same time, the prices of such drugs to increase the potency are much lower than Viagra itself. At the same time, the effectiveness of the tablets is not reduced. Everyone has the opportunity to buy drugs to increase potency, saving 2-3 times.

Buy ED pills and Save with Us

Before you buy drugs for potency, you need to consult a doctor to avoid side effects. It is not recommended to take potency-enhancing tablets for people under 18 years old and for men with serious disorders in the body, especially in case of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It is forbidden to combine drugs with alcohol and some drugs in order to avoid negative consequences. In our online pharmacy, each client can purchase various pills for male potency at the best prices. They allow you to make the intimate life diverse. Drugs contain active ingredients that prolong sexual intercourse without harm to health. All drugs have been clinically tested and approved by experts, so you can be sure of their quality and high efficiency. You can place an order and purchase them on our website around the clock on any day of the week. Consultation on the choice of the drug can be obtained by calling the hotline.

Generic Viagra Choice Diversification after 2018 Patent Expiry

The well-known drug Viagra, owned by Pfizer, is no longer protected by patents. The brand is already threatened by generic competitors, and Teva Pharmaceutical has become one of the giants who decided to fight with Pfizer in this field. Pfizer and Teva in 2013 concluded an agreement allowing the latter to begin production of Viagra analog before the due date. Other companies will be able to release their generics only in June next year when the 180-day waiting period expires. For this preference, Teva will pay royalties until 2020. In order to hold onto a market filled with new competitors, Pfizer is set to release an unremarkable white pill with a similar effect and a reduced price. Pfizer defended a patent for Viagra for as long as it could. The term of the patent was to expire in 2011, but the company was able to legally extend it for almost five years.

Canadian Pharmacy vs Offline Drugstore

Benefits of Canadian Pharmacy vs offline drugstore:  
  • A wide range of medicines and health products. Compared to regular pharmacies, MCP offers a much wider range of medicines, devices, and other products. It is only necessary to drive into the search engine name of the pill and, comparing the options presented, choose the best.
  • Convenience when ordering and buying medicines. No need to go for drugs in cold, rain and slush, stand in lines, or bypass all nearby places by comparing prices. Now, it can be done in a few clicks.
  • Availability at any time of the day. We have no fixed working time, we do not close for lunch and festive days. Any medicine can be selected and ordered when convenient for you.
  • Ordinary pharmacies can not boast of detailed consultation of each client.
  They just do not have enough working time. And in our online pharmacy, every customer has the opportunity to study in detail one or another drug, to learn about contraindications and side effects, and all this - without getting up from the chair.  
  • Price. Online drugstores do not pay rental costs; they do not need them. They do not have household expenses. All this positive effect on the cost of the goods, in contrast to the standard pharmacy. 
  • Confidentiality. Some drugs are used for very delicate health problems, about
  which is often inconvenient to speak out loud, especially with a large gathering of people.

Your Supplier of Quality Meds for the Next 10 Years

On our website, you can always find the right medicine. In a regular pharmacy, you have to look at the goods located on the shelves and it is not always possible to immediately make a choice. It is not convenient to wait for the advice of the pharmacist - the queue behind your back pushes you. Here are top reasons why you will definitely apply to us if have tried even once:
  • In our online pharmacy, everything is simple and reasonable - an annotation is attached to each proposed drug. You can always find a cheaper counterpart, it is possible to get the advice from the online specialist - without haste and ado.
  • There is absolutely everything that may be needed to restore and maintain health. It’s nice not just to buy quality drugs inexpensively, but to do it without haste. Putting the selected means in the basket, the buyer has time to think and decide. For each pill, there is a detailed description, and it is so important for a doubting person.
The advantages of applying to us are obvious if you want to save your time and energy when purchasing the necessary health products.