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Members First: Doing Our Job

by Hannah Speights, Colorado HealthOP 2014 Summer Outreach Intern

After a recent community meeting in Summit County, Colorado HealthOP’s Kristin Van Horn received a voicemail message on her phone. It was from one of our members. The member thanked us for coming all the way to the Summit County area to listen to their voices and educate them on healthcare costs.

Here at Colorado HealthOP, our members come first, always. As a CO-OP, we are specifically designed for people who want to make a difference in their own health and their community’s health. When we receive voicemails such as this, we know that we are doing our job.

Often, when the word “member” pops up, images of exclusive clubs and organizations appear in my head. The only exclusion we uphold at Colorado HealthOP is that you have to live in Colorado. Healthcare coverage is no longer determined by your health. Instead, it is determined on what YOU, as a member, want. What you want covered, what health issues need to be addressed; even who is elected into our Board of Directors. You decide for yourself what’s right.

The Board of Directors

One primary way Colorado HealthOP focuses on members first is through the Board of Directors. Every member of Colorado HealthOP is entitled to vote for members to be on the Board of Directors, which governs our company. This puts healthcare decision-making back in the hands of our members. This system not only improves health on a local level, but leads the state to improve health on a state level. With member feedback, we are able to lobby in the legislature for issues that matter to the community, as well as partner and create new healthcare programs.

This “Members First” value allows our members to take responsibility for their own healthcare. By informing us on what we can do for them, we are one step closer to reducing the cost of healthcare for all Coloradans.

Now that is a health insurance company I can take part in.

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